About Nicole

Nicole M. Zaunbrecher wrote her first novel at the age of 10 — and she hasn’t stopped writing since. From poetry and song lyrics to fanfiction and roleplay writing, Nicole has sought out various forms of literary expression to get her thoughts, emotions, and ideas out of her head and onto the page for others to read. She enjoys experimenting with styles, genres, and sources of writing, but fiction writing has always been her favorite form of expression (with poetry a very, very close second).


DEERSTALKER is a supernatural-horror story about a village that houses a curse and the traveler that meets this curse head-on. Set in Bavaria, Germany during the 1600s, it features the Thirty Years’ War and its impact on the Holy Roman Empire while also dealing with supernatural elements and featuring LGBTQ+ characters in queer relationships. This debut novel is in the process of being published.