Creative Callipipper!

I recently finished a freelance eCommerce store and Facebook setup for a friend of mine who creates cute animal-themed sweatshirts! We discussed different eCommerce stores and she decided to use Shopify, which offers a lot of features and is easy to use. I imported products from her Etsy store, edited them, and helped to set everything up. I learned a lot about Shopify during this process and feel comfortable setting up and managing stores with them. Check out the Creative Callipipper store for fun elephant, zebra, giraffe, flamingo, monkey, raccoon, and alligator shirts!

I also set up a Facebook business page to help her market and advertise her products. Shopify has a neat app that allows you to set up a shop on Facebook to sell directly on there or through a link to the Shopify store. The page is still fairly new, but I’m sure there will be lots to come in the future!

I really enjoyed this process and hope to take on more freelance jobs like this one!